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100 Players are fighting in a huge battle area and you are one of them. You have to keep your goal clear to survive. At the same time you should try to shoot as many goals as possible to eliminate as many enemies as possible. Only the last man standing will be the winner of the complete round. During this round the circle of goals becomes constantly smaller to keep the action and thrill high. Your potential enemies have several strategies to become the best player. Try to find out what they are doing and beat them with their own weapons. There are several difficulty levels to start easy and slowly become a real master. The magic of the game is handling the struggle to rush forward to beat all you competitors and be defensive at the same time so that you do not give your enemies a weak spot by an open goal. You as your only teammate are a combination of the goalie and striker. This game was a submission to the game jam ludum dare 41. The theme of the game jam was “combine two incompatible genres”.

Game Modes

Game Mode Classic

Classic Game

The classic mode is the core gameplay. You have to protect your goal to prevent anybody to score a goal and eliminate you. Every now and then the circle of goal shrinks and the battle becomes more intense. While protecting your goal you should use the available balls to kick out other players.

Football Game

The football mode is basicly the same as the classic mode. The main difference is, that the balls are footballs, which have a completly different physics behaviour and that makes them nearly unpredictable.
Game Mode Football
Game Mode Bomb

Bomb Game

Balls are replaced by bombs, which will explode after a nearly unpredictable time span. If you are too close, you will die. If you manage to kick the ball in the last moment, you will be the one who controls the direction for the final shot.

Power Ups

Game Mode Classic


The wall completly blocks your goal and gives you time to breath and explore the soccer field. You can be more offensive, but always have an eye on the clock. (not in bomb mode)
Game Mode Classic

Gravity Gun

Yes, the epic gun is available! Just grab a ball with the gun and fire it in any desireable direction, without thinking about, how to dribble it past the enemy.
Game Mode Classic

Frost Gun

Now it get frosty. Freeze your enemy for a few secounds to make him paralysed. You will love this gun, until you are a frozen victim. ☺
Game Mode Classic


Speed up the game by collecting the speed power up. Be the fastest and overpass anyone near you. You have a powerful advantage and can easily move from a to b. This powerup even raises your chance to collect any other power up, because you will be there first.
Game Mode Classic


You are protected against any kind of explosion for a short time period. This gives you the chance to be more aggressive and push other players towards an expected explosion. If your shield is active, you will definitly be the one who survives. (only in bomb mode)


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